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About Impact Detailing

a message from Zach, Owner/Operator

Your vehicle is one of the most expensive purchases you make and it's worth a bit of pampering. Driving a clean car makes your daily commute or weekend cruise much more enjoyable. 

Your car might be a garage queen that never sees a drop of rain or it could be the old family van - it will always be treated like my own, and only industry leading products, tools, and techniques will be applied. All of my work is explained in full, and I will never recommend service that doesn't provide tremendous value. I pride myself on being transparent and up front with my clients because I value relationships above all else.

My services are more specialized than most mobile detailers and my services aren't those of a typical car wash. I offer in depth services such as paint correction, ceramic coatings, paint decontamination, and more. I'm also the only one who touches your car no matter where it's being serviced. You can be assured that each vehicle I work on gets my undivided attention and care.


Services Menu

I have a variety of services and packages to fit every client. Some of my services give your car a little TLC and some other services will take your car to another level. Contact me today to learn more and come up with a plan to refresh your car's appearance.


Dedicated Paint Correction

The most comprehensive services offered

Paint correction on any vehicle will turn back the hands of time, giving your car a like-new appearance as years of wear from nature and weather are polished away to reveal your paint's true beauty.


Premium Detailing Packages

Services for pampering your car both inside and out.

From hand washes/waxes to interior steam cleaning, there are a number of packages available to refresh your vehicles look and feel.


Purchase Consultation

Get the most value out of your new ride.

If you're purchasing a new or used car, there are some things to look for that might save you a headache down the road. Unsightly paint blemishes, damage incurred during transport, or mishandling by other detailers can all make your new car seem underwhelming. I can take a look at any cars you're interested in buying and make sure that the paint is healthy and advise you on any dings or scratches. 

Purchase consultation costs can be rolled into other detailing services for even more value.

Get in Touch


Want to schedule a detail? Do you have any questions about my process(or detailing in general)? Use this form, my email, or my phone number to get in touch. Both calls/texts are welcome.


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