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Paint Correction

Paint correction services are for taking your car to the next level or having it look better than new. If you have old, tired paint, or swirls/scratches, this is the level of service you're looking for.


Refresh & Correction

Service Levels vary by vehicle condition

This is the all-inclusive service for someone looking to make their car look better than it did when it left the factory. You'll have the glossiest paint, the best protection, and any safely removable defect or scratch will be addressed. 

In addition to removing all of the swirls and scratches where it is safe to do so, your trim will be restored where possible, your headlights polished, and your interior will receive a thorough cleaning including steam where applicable. 

This is the absolute top of the line detail that will completely rejuvenate your car both inside and out. Contact me today to reserve an appointment and to feel like you stepped back into a new car.

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